Psychotherapy is a service that requires licensure as a mental health professional, and is held to clinical standards, including: evaluation, diagnosis, documentation, treatment planning, focus on symptom reduction, etc. To learn more about my clinical psychotherapy practice please visit:


When seeking guidance and support around a particular issue or area of development in your life coaching can be an effective route. Dynamic Dharma coaching is suitable for individuals, partners, and groups. These services are can be custom tailored to address a number of relational issues.

If you are navigating challenges (such as in dating, partnership, separation, family, with co-workers, etc.), or a pivotal life transition (such as an occupational change, a geographical move, getting engaged, parenthood), or are aware of a particular area in your life or lifestyle you’d like to address (such as around money, work, image, food, exercise, home), Dynamic Dharma coaching could be a good fit for you.

I truly believe that effective support and guidance creating positive change in one or a few of these meaningful areas can have great and far reaching benefit.

I typically format a coaching package like a course; with a topic, plan of study, and many resources and invitations for self-paced work along the way. Each course is specifically designed per participant, and strives to be educational, experiential, and empowering. We will co-create a coaching experience that is meaningful to you.

Upon request coaching services can can include any of the offerings below, (no prior familiarity with these processes and practices is necessary)….

Feeding Your Demons

As a certified Feeding Your Demons® psychotherapist facilitator I’m able to guide others through this practice in a way that supports its therapeutic application and transformative potential. 

Using a 5-step, active-imagination guided-meditation process developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione, this approach offers an opportunity to transform what obstructs and works against us into what guides and supports us.

It's a practice based on the Buddhist beliefs and sensibilities that it is through compassion and understanding one is able to gain greater freedom and liberation from suffering and struggle. 

Because it is highly structured and also has the participants experience at the center, it's an effective modality to gain tangible and immediate resources, as well as provides resourcing that is depth-oriented and ongoing.   


Dynamic Dharma Yoga combines postural movement and body awareness with psychological awareness and emotional movement. 

I’m passionate and dedicated to providing an experience that is educational and empowering for all bodies of varied abilities and diverse expressions (including those with mobility issues, trauma, and injury).

I’m especially interested in supporting those in the social activism, healing, and helping professions utilize movement and mindfulness in ways that are nourishing and inspiring. 

Another area of interest is supporting individuals and couples with relational issues through yoga. My view aligns with yoga as a means of generating skillfulness that improves quality of relating to self and others.

I’m a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and I’m committed to upholding the code of ethics outlined by this organization. I hold dearly the honor and responsibility of teaching yoga. 

My aim is to tailor each offering to meet the intentions and goals set forth by the participant(s), and I recognize this can look many different ways, and vary depending on various factors and circumstances.


Equine interaction offerings use the transformative and immediate experience of relating to a horse in an incredibly safe, structured, and supported way. 

Equine Interaction Benefits:

  • Horses help us understand relationship

  • Horses help us be authentic  

  • Horses help us with vulnerability 

  • Horses help us establish boundaries

  • Horses help us communicate clearly

  • Horses help us become conscious of intention 

  • Horses help us focus and be attentive 

  • Horses help us sooth our nervous system

  • Horses help us connect to our inner rhythms

  • Horses help us align our thinking, feeling, and doing

  • Horses help us see our strengths and struggles

  • Horses help us explore and discover

  • Horses help us have fun

  Equine Interaction FAQ's:

  • Where do these sessions take place?

    • Currently, equine interaction services with Michelle are held in the North Bay.

  • Can I expect to ride a horse?

    • Many people are surprised to learn that these services typically do not include horseback riding. 

  • Do I need to have horse experience?

    • Nope, in fact it's even okay if you're apprehensive of horses.

  • How do I prepare for an equine interaction session?

    • Sturdy close-toed footwear, long pants, and a willingness to engage in new ways.  

  • What is the financial investment?

    • The cost depends on the structure and duration of the session.