I was a kid like the fictional character Pi Patel: deeply drawn to world religions, particularly those of the East; a seeker of adventure and meaning; and heavily influenced by animals, especially horses. Growing up I would immerse myself in watching movies and reading books not only for entertainment, but with immense curiosity, studying these stories in an attempt to understand more about being human and navigating relationships. Horses are what inspired me to attend Lake Erie College, a school with a well developed Equine Studies department, where I earned a B.A. in literature.

I went on to earn a M.A. in clinical psychology and became a licensed mental health professional in the state of California in 2009. Since then I have worked in a variety of settings, maintained a private practice in San Francisco, and also work clinically with California residents remotely using secure online video conference. Additionally, my professional services include coaching, consultation, and an array of experiential modalities. I’m a yoga teacher, facilitator of Buddhist practices, equine interaction practitioner, educator, group facilitator, and avid life long learner. 

Through my experience I have come to understand that our connection to self and others is central to the quality of our lives. I truly believe that when we're able to interact with ourselves, other people, all living beings, and the planet wholeheartedly it not only benefits individuals but families, communities, societies, and the environment. In whatever modality is being utilized I strive to provide services that are informative, experiential, and empowering. My approach values depth, curiosity, collaboration, sociocultural competence, a sense of humor, realness, and compassion.

Relevant professional affiliations include:

Here are some highlights of my pursuits - paying homage to various inspiring influences:

  • I completed a M.A. degree in Clinical Psychology in 2006, a post graduate internship in 2008, and became a licensed mental health professional in the state of California in 2009. Since then I have worked in community mental health, schools, residential treatment, and private practice settings. I have supervised in clinic and agency settings since 2011.

  • After a decade of regular practice and study I decided to pursue training as a yoga teacher. My cherished Shunyata Yoga community lead me to meeting Katchie Ananda who has been an ongoing source of wisdom and mentorship. I completed a formal 200-hour level yoga teacher training with Katchie in 2012.

  • In the Spring of 2015 I took refuge with Lama Tsultrim Allione and found my Buddhist home at Tara Mandala. I am a certified Feeding Your Demons® psychotherapist facilitator and a member of Magyu. I have the good fortune of receiving ongoing guidance and support from Tara Mandala teacher Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam.

  • My friend and mentor, Lori Jean Glass, inspired and made possible joining the Five Sisters Ranch team from 2017-2018. Lori Jean is the founder of Pivot: a Relational Alignment Group, and Glass House Intensives. Both programs I have first hand familiarity with, wholeheartedly endorse, and continues to contribute to.  

  • My youth-into-adulthood was heavily, and positively, influenced by horses. This would not have been possible without the support and skill of Lisa Lombardi. Aware of how empowering and transformative the horse / human relationship can be I chose to become an equine interaction professional and am certified through CBEIP

  • I view Brené Brown as a modern day Bodhisattva (one who brings awareness through the tenderness of truth and love) and am thrilled for the opportunity to participate in The Daring Way™ training and certification program for helping professionals, based on Dr. Brown’s courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy research.